Download Wilco’s Full Solid Sound Covers Set

This past weekend, Wilco hosted and headlined their annual Massachusetts festival Solid Sound, starting off the weekend with a crazy 27-song set of covers. We’ve already posted video of the band taking on Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Pavement’s “Cut Your Hair,” but there’s so much more where those songs came from. The band also covered, among many others, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Band, Big Star, Neil Young, Cheap Trick, the Velvet Underground, Abba, and the pre-Wilco band Uncle Tupelo. Yo La Tengo sat in on covers of their own “Tom Courtenay” and of the Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner,” and Tommy Stinson helped out on a version of his old band the Replacements’ “Color Me Impressed.” It all sounds pretty amazing. Venerable show-recording institution NYC Taper was on hand to make a record of the event, and he’s offering the entire set as a free stream or download here (though he’s predictably getting slammed with traffic, so keep clicking refresh). You can preview two songs from the set below.